Monday, 19 November 2012

Releasing & Rescinding Vows

The illusions of 3D will be around long enough to serve their purposes for your awakening and development and not a moment longer. 

The 3 main illusions that are "up" for transformation  are:
  1. Belief in punishment for errors or "sins," and also subsequent guilt.

  2) The belief that you are separate from Source and therefore have no control over your reality.

Even starseeds and other light workers have agreed to carry a bit of this illusion to help transmute it, as it is such a profound aspect of the 3D energetic imprint to be experienced for a greater understanding.

3) The belief that you must transmute pain and mis-understanding through your own physical vehicle/body.

You may chose to release this Decree.

   I no longer offer my emotional and physical bodies as a vehicle to transmute the illusions of 3D reality. 
I fully forgive myself. 
I forgive my brethren.
I release all Fear. 
I am Love. 
And so it is.

The Keepers - 

Vows of poverty, celibacy or suffering that you made in “past lives”/ other realities may still affect you right now.

It will help if you can sever vows that you may have made.

They key to the efficacy of these affirmations hinges upon your saying them and believing it to be true. You MUST BELIEVE what you are verbalizing, and not just say the words.

Say the following affirmation twice aloud, with great intent.

Vow Break 
I rescind & sever any and all vows & contracts I have taken and anyone within my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to:

I now declare these vows & contracts null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across space and time, all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions and the Void.

Spirit, please release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with these vows & contracts.


  1. I release any and all expectations I have about my spiritual growth and advancement. I will live each day in the moment, concentrating on bringing myself  into harmony in body-mind-soul- emotions with my Higher Self.
  2. I release all agreements with my mother, father, children,husband,family or anyone else who keeps me stuck in a 3D reality.
  3. I release all invalid concepts about my worthiness of love, joy, peace, harmony, security, abundance, creativity, youthful vitality, health and wellbeing, aging and death.
  4. I release the need to save the world or anyone in it. My mission is to accept my masterhood and be a living, loving example to all; without expectations from anyone.
  5. I release all preconditioning and all cell memories about my bodily form. I claim my God given birthright of beauty, vitality, health and wellbeing, knowing that this is my natural state of being ad i Only have to follow the nudging of Spirit to manifest this perfection.
  6. I release all expectations regarding my creativity and work. I work and create for the joy of it and I know my abundance and resources come from Spirit and not from my efforts, only from my belief of my worthiness.
  7. I release any and all hold that the 3D government and establishment have over me. They do not control me or my abundance and security. I am totally empowered to manifest safety, be totally self sufficient and totally in control of my destiny.
  8. I release all residual karmic debts and mis-qualified energy within me and my physical, mental and astral bodies. I now resolve all conditions with grace and ease and expand into the Light on order to join in the co-creation.
  9. I release any misconceptions regarding my ability to draw knowledge, wisdom and pertinent information from Spirit and the Higher Realms. I draw forth new knowledge, concepts and wisdom in order to learn and grow and serve as a living example.
  10. I release al judgment, all preconceived ideas and expectation for other people, knowing that they are in their own perfect place and evolvement. I give love and encouragement and only offer information when asked and then with the admonition that my truth may not be their truth. 


On Wings of Light by Ronna Herman A Divine Messenger with Profound Insight and Answers, January 20, 2004

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