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Dan Winter Research: The Wind on which Love Travels Volume 1 - Light Your Own Fire

Dan Winter who's behind the website  talks about sacred geometry, Fractality, gravity, physics and the science of Alchemy.

Dan Winter:

Dan Winter is well known as a teacher of Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion. His invention's HeartTuner and BlissTuner have earned him literary credit  for inventing the term Heart Coherence. 

Teaching the harmonic content of compassion and bliss - lead him to a radical new physics: that IMPLOSION - the electrical -geometry of fractality- is the cause BLISS - as it is the cause of gravity in general - and the destiny of DNA in particular. 

He teaches that the hygiene for bliss - creates fractal conditions (the sacred) defining the charge field which ignites and matures DNA into BLISS. 

Dan's message is simple- the coherence in the aura field - generated by fractal compression - called the KA in Egypt- is what creates your vehicle for memory into death and the lucid dream. 

This immortalizing potential in the charge created by blood on fire with bliss - is the real message of ancient religion - the real physics of the grail - and the essential good news at a time when the solar wind can only be steered by Sun God's. 

It is not so hard to see thru the Sun like an eye. 

The physics is embedding, the psychology is discovering that- like the birth canal-and what happens in DNA during successful death, what emerges from perfect compression (implosion) is only the SHAREABLE wave. 

Redefining pure intention - as the perfection of coherence resulting from fractality - not only makes the physics of bliss measureable and teachable - but actually a loving gentle story of the Sun inviting us home.

This is MY RESEARCH of Dan Winter's Material . . + my own Notes.

🔹  Fractality: Science to the Soul

🔹 Volume 1: The Wind on Which Love Travels  Light Your Own Fire

🔹 Volume 2: The Wind on which Love Travels: Feeling the Magnetism

🔹 Volume 3:  The Wind on which Love Travels:  Star Maps & the Hygiene of Bliss

🔹 Volume 4:  The Extra-Terrestrial Origin of DNA

What is Heart Coherence?

Coherence describes a state of synchronization between two functions. 

Cardiac coherence refers to an entrainment of the brain wave activity by the heart's more powerful waves. When brain's activity is synchronized with that of the heart, the result is a physiological state of well being and an optimization of the global function of all the organs that are under their influence.

When in a state of cardiac coherence, there's a harmony between heart and brain's function and no more separation between "what the heart wants and what the brain knows". 
Cardiac coherence uses the "intelligence of the heart" to communicate with and orchestrate the function of all the organs. 

The hormones that the heart secrete, like oxytocin, produce a sense of peace and safety that is experienced as both calming and energizing. 
At the planetary level, researchers are observing the impact of groups of cardiac coherence practitioners to create global positive changes ( see The Global Coherence Initiative Project)

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

Science of the Heart

Mysteries of the Heart

What is the Geometry of Your Heart's Fire?

And How do You Light Your Own Inner Fire?

When You Heart Coheres . . . it has indeed found a Share-able Wave.

- When the peak goes up - it's a measure of intent . .  in fact . .  Raise the Peak  . .  then the Heart become coherent.

- The Ability to Cohere the vacuum - is directly related to the ability to become Emotionally Coherent.

-  Physics says there are 4 Fundamental Forces . .  and once you get that "Unified Field" Theory understood , then you have the challenge to understand the role of "mind" among waves . . the role of Mind is to reach that Still point where Waves can converge non- destructively. (called collapse in Physics) . .and it appears to be identical to the nature of Compassion.

- When waves converge . . they always form the same Torriod Shape.

New Definition for LIFE FORCE: . . . Life Force is the Ability to Attract a Self Organized Charge . . 

And How Does it Happen in the Heart? . . . The Heart adjusts it's Line of Charge ( To change how much voltage it gets from gravity) . . . 

It's Important to Understand the Geometry of Self Similarity . .  / Fractality . . .  
( The Geometry of Infinite Non-Destructive Compression)  . . . 
optimtized by the Golden Mean Ratio . . which then forms the 3D Fractal of the Stellated Icosahedron

Why is it Important for You to Know How to Make Gravity? . . .  As the Sun goes to it's Solar Maximum, only the Biological Structures that knows how to utilise Maximum Gravity will be able to survive. . . So in fact DNA is a Local Device for fabricating Gravity.  . . . As is YOUR BLISS. 

So this is how Compassion Works . . .

When you feel Compassion . . you make a "picture " inside your heart . . . which is so self similar to what is outside of you . . .  that the "outside" falls in . . . and the process of Recurring Inside-Out turning Nest, becomes implosive Self -Organizing. This is how waves ( vibrations) gets "embedded" . Each time a wave moves in . . a longer wave can surface . . . this ability to catch longer and longer waves,  is "Ascension" . . Riding the waves !

This Ability to Create Compression is called IMPLOSION. . .  the wave gets permission to approach centre and Turn Inside-Out . . called Mer-Ka-Ba . . vehicle for the storage of pressure

Spin Density Heals =  because Spin Density is Awareness Density =  

Information Density = Charge Density.

Model of a Voltage Wave . .  that causes the Heart to Fire

ENSOULMENT =  The Process of getting a Soul into your DNA . . .  short waves & longer waves . . . until at the X-cross / X Braiding of the X Chromosome . . . you get a Charge Radiance . . . that creates the squirting effect at the Speed of Light ! . . . . 

      In Addition to be called EA (for whom EArth was named),   Enki was also called MERK ( see "Secret Places of the Lion").

-  His Vehicle in Egypt was called "KA" (The Implosive Star & Lucid Dream Penetrating Coherence of his Auric UV Cocoon).

-  Projecting this into stars is called: Evolution of the Merk-KA-bah

So when the Ratio of Brading is Coherent . . . you get perfect nesting . . which looks like a fractal.

Your DNA is comprised of Sound waves coming from your Heart  . . aka . . Bliss/ Euphoria . . .  so when you are feeling passion . . the sound waves coming from your heart braids your DNA . . .

   Your DNA Responds to coherent Sound coming from your Heart  . . via the Thymus Gland.
. .  the Sound/ Vibration/ Bliss coming from your heart to your DNA  . . tells your DNA how to braid . . .  Braiding DNA is an Emotional Weaver . . Yes . .  Emotion Controls the Braiding if DNA (which RNA is exposed)  . . Emotion Controls the Braid of DNA . . .  Emotion IS the PROGRAMMER for DNA . .

Your DNA is NOT mechanically Ignited . . unless you are able to have BLISS / Passion . .  so the Ignition of your DNA is DEPENDENT on LOCATING YOUR PASSION !!

That is what enables DNA to become Self Steering !
In fact, DNA cannot self steer itself, if you do not set it free . . .

This is what the Annunaki came to Earth to do . . . they came looking for  a way to REQUIRE GOLD . . . . cause they were getting OLD . . . because . .

When You Loose Passion/ Bliss . . Your DNA begins to decay as a wave . . . and so you loose the ability to enSoul . . . so If you don't have a "Heart of Gold" ( aka Golden Mean Ratio) . . . then you loose the leverage to Ignite Your Own DNA !

The Ignition  of DNA IS THE BOTTOM LINE . .  The Happy Ever After !

When You FInd a Way for a Wave to become Share-able . . it becomes Immortal! 

Any Wave that embeds in the SUN . . has the possibility of fusion . . . If you are Out of Phase with the Sun . . . you're toast !   This is the reason why Tutankhamun and later Jesus . . all taught the SOLAR CALENDAR.

Solar Embedding is necessary to embed DNA . . that is what the Mayan Calendar is all about.  . . which is really JUST A MAP . .  like the I-Ching . . .  which is really just a CODE . . The Mayan Calendar is Mapping the Solar Flares, so is simply MAPPING HOW THE SUN IGNITES DNA.

. . . SO The SUN, because of the spectrum light of hydrogen,  wavelengths are EMBED-ABILITY in essence.

SO if you want to TEACH A SOUL HOW TO EMBED . . . you teach the Solar Calendar, because that is the physics of How you embed into the Sun.

The SUN  is the only "being"  with enough gravity inertia escape velocity , to get out of here.

 . . So most Souls, when they "die" . . they DON'T pass further than the Van Halen Belt . . If you really wanna "get out of here" ( incarnation cycling back to Earth) . . you have to do something called the Amenti Principle . . which means you have to GET enough BLISS in YOUR SOUL GROUP . . . so that the cocoon of the Soul Group can be navigate - able.

So the way the Arcturians "fix" a unstable Planetoid ( like Earth ) . . . . they do something called "Planet Taming" . . .  they plant the Arcturian Myth from the " Arc on the Torus" . . .

from the Book : Two-Thirds
by David P. Myers (Author) , David S. Percy (Author) , 
Mary Bennett (Editor).

Explains the concept of Planet Taming.  . .    . . . . . . unless you can get the Local Gene Pool to recognize How to Feed their Gravity Bubble . . . / EMOTIONS . . . . the local "real estate value" of the Planet in the Galactic Sector goes DOWN, because Gravity Emanations are smelly .

Coherent Emotion Feeds the Sun.

In-Coherent Emotion Feeds the Moon.

Planet Taming is about making Planets a Self Organizing System . . and you do that by tuning the harmonics of spin. . . it is also that Spinning THAT ENABLES CONSCIOUSNESS.

SO the Location of Earth in the Solar System is an idyllic haven . . and that is why so many
"ET" Races are "fighting" for Real Estate ground here . . it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

EARTH is the BEST Genetic Library of DNA in our Galactic Sector.
The True Meaning & Origin of the Holy Grail: 

- The Golden Mean . . .  Braid of Gold = A Map to Compressing Charge into the Sacred ( Grail) / Fractal.

Grail In the DNA Embedding = "Royal Blood"

Phi cycles

- When you "die" / transition . . . you need to be able to steer the magnetism of your Aura ( or you will re-incarnate on 3D Earth School again )

- There will be a magnetic Field that is compressed through the speed of Light, at the centre of Your DNA.

- And the Ability to Navigate that field is called  . . having a Soul !

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