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Jordan Maxwell RESEARCH

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy.  His work on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades.

Jordan’s areas of interest include:
  • Astro-Theology
  • Secret Societies
  • World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern
  • Ancient Symbols and Occult Emblems
  • Ancient Sciences and Technology
  • Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries
  • Secret Societies and Their Influence on World Event

🔷   STATE OF THE PLANET August 24th 2016



- Free Download PDF Book RULERS OF EVIL by F. Tupper Saussy

🔷 Ancient Hidden Mysteries


-   We are still in the very Dawning of the Age of Aquarius...  it is NOT here yet. . . . how will we know this will be a wonderful age? 

-    If we look at all the religions of the world and the cults . . .  Where is this "god" in the past 6000 years of human history? All religions originate from one single myth . . . so religion has been given to us by the same group of persons who have given you wars and government and banking systems etc that enslave humanity.
-    When we look at the world . . don't be fooled and stupid. Yes there are good people, people who invent great things . . but the overall state of the world is in chaos.
-   Humanity has lost their power and sovereignty !!
-   Jordan is very negative in this interview . . . I do have compassion for Jordan. I'm know he has good reason to feel this way.

🔷  Djinn


     An Outline of the Origins of Moon and Sun worship, Astrology, Sex Symbolism, Mystic Meaning of Numbers, the Cabala, and Many Popular Customs, Myths, Superstitions and Religious Beliefs.

 - Hollywood . . . The staff of the Druids... traditionally HAD to be made from the Wood of the Holly Tree. The Symbol of the Druids was a magic wand... Still today we have orchestra conductors who conduct the orchestra   ... to orchestrate the music . . . with a wand.

- Magic Wands were always made from the wood of a holly tree/ bush.  . .  aka Hollywood.

- The Druids had a system to manipulate their Magic... like Hollywood manipulate today with movies.

- Even Moses and Jesus carried Druid Magic Wands... 

- The entire story of Christianity is that of the Druids and their magic wands they use to perform their "Magic".
- The word " church" . . . trace back to Scotland...  on a Sunday Morning, you would go to "KirK...  that is why the Captain of the Enterprise In Star Trek was called Captain Kirk . . .  "Taking mankind to where they've never been before... "

- That's why churches today are an "Enterprise"...  and divided into denominations...  cause churches are an enterprise, a company/corporation. It's all about political power and money. . . doing business.
- You are a Corporation by Law. We are all being sold on the London Stock exchange as collateral for a debt.

- Even marriage is a business...  that's if you want to divorce you go to court, not to "god".


🔷  Elite: Truth About The Elite

-   Commerce and the Financial world is a Game.

-  That is why we have Creditors and Debtors

-   Maritime Admiralty Law: this Law works all over the world.

-   Law of the Land is the Law of the Culture of the People who live on a particular spot of Land ( when in Rome . .  do as the Romans do ! ) You have to follow the customs of the people who live on the Land.

-   Maritime Law if the Law of Water.  . . Maritime Admiralty Commerce . . . all about Business ! And Banks operate under the Law of Water ( that's why we have the saying: " money goes through your hands like water ").  Money is "water" = money is cash Flow. Liquid assets.

-   You can begin to perceive the hidden implications of the words that we use every day.
-   Defining the word Commerce:


1.  the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.
2.   social dealings between people.

      "outside the normal commerce of civilized life"
3.   sexual intercourse.


-     When you are born... the 1st a hospital does is take an imprint of the baby's feet. Why? Because... that is where you sole is / the sole of your feet ( Soul ).  Someone now owns your Soul . . . This is even before you put your " foot on land".  Once you are able to walk... you are now referred to as " a man on land ". Before that, you have no " standing ".

-    Occult symbolism are all around us. The word " occult" simply means HIDDEN. Nothing "evil" about it. And so much of real Wisdom has been hidden.
-     But WHO is really the controllers? WHO is really in charge ? . . . Royal Bloodlines? Banking Families? Reptilians?  All seems a bit hazy, don't you think  . . .
-   The system is very, very old. Nothing comes out of a vacuum. The presence of the powers that are in control...  that all political leaders, presidents, prime ministers etc are aware of, and know, and listen to, and obey their orders so to speak... they are aware of these "in-power" ones who are watching them.
-     "The New Testament, the Church, and Christianity, were all the creation of the Calpurnius Piso family, who were Roman aristocrats.
-   "How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us"
Pope Leo X (1513-1521)

-   But the "real" rulers of Earth,... you will never ever hear their names, see their faces or hear anything about them. Problem is... They See YOU... you don't see them...
-  Your body is a security commodity for the rulers, on the Stock Exchange. You were never told how it works. We are all part of a system, and this system has been around for 1000 of years. 
-   There are "otherworldly" entities that the elites worship and consider to be their "gods" . . . . 
-   Your life is based on water.

You came down the birth canal... when your Mother's water broke. You are born with a Maritime Water Product. If you are going to live in this world, you've got to be on a ship. . . Earth is considered to be ( under International Maritime Law) the ship in Space / a Vessel.

We are aboard ship... we are sailing through the Universe on a vessel. Your body is your Earth Vessel... and your blood is the water you are floating with... that is why we have blood vessels . . .  so if you are alive and living on the land you have to have Citizen"ship".
-     If you go to the Bank to get money or "bank" your money . . . where the water/ river meets the edge of the land it's called the river bank. Because your money is a liquid asset. Money has "current" ( currency) and In-Flow and Out-Flow.

- Your Father man-ufactured you. And your Mother 'delivered" you... .( like a ship delivers its cargo on land). You are born in a "delivery" room . . cause your Mother "delivered" the product. . . after being in-labour . . . . . she's "building" you / the product. In order to be a good Christian, you have to be baptized. You have to "go back" into the Earth Mothers water . . . to be "born again".

-   Every human on Earth is Traded on the New York Stock Exchange...  by the International bankers that "owns" you. Every country is a Corporation . . . Your body as well as a corporation. That's why ... when you die... you are a "corps". You are a company under International Maritime Law. 

🔷  Elites Use War To Make Blood Sacrifice To Extra-Terrestrial Gods!

-   How humanity got into the mess we are in . . . .   about the "gods" that rule heaven & earth.
Is there a hierarchy to the "gods ? . . .  The Theogony of Hesiod attempts to explain the "gods
" that rule over heaven & earth.


- Over our particular area in the Milky Way Galaxy, where our Solar System is located,  . . the "god" who is assigned to this area to control is Zeus.


-   Zeus off course lives on a floating city, in the constellation of Cassiopeia.

-   Zeus is ( according to Hesiod) referred to as " our father who art the heaven ".




🔷 Free Your Mind


🔷  Matrix of Power


Maritime Admiralty Law and America Land of Lawlessness

From back in the Roman Empire, there are two things on earth, Land, and water. 

Subsequently, we have law of the land and the law of the water. 

    Law of the land is the law of the people in the land in which they live. 

However, laws of the sea/water are International. They are the Banking laws. When you get a credit card in the USA, it works in Europe or in India.

       All ships are female, and she delivers a product. Females produce products. Labor, Delivery Room, Birth, Ship, “she” delivers products. When products are delivered, they need a certificate of Manifest. What is on the ship is on its manifest.

Humans are Maritime Admiralty products; they also have Certificate of the manifest. “Birth Certificate.” On the bottom of Birth Certificate, shows our “Informant” are our Parents. 

       We are the property of the Department of Commerce.

        All humans are “Stock”. As soon as people are born, they are the property of the government in which they live. See US Vs USA. The United States is different than the United States of America. Constitution of the USA formed in 1776 and the Constitution for the US 1871. US Inc. The United States is a corporation. Formed in Delaware in 1871. All Citizens are governed by Corporate Law. All corporations must have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure. Hence, the USA Inc formed in Act of 1871. A US Citizen is an employee of the US Inc. Jordan discusses the difference.


       Rome has once ruled the world. Cesar once ruled from “the hill”. Washington DC, the new Rome, as Washington DC is the new Rome or Empire. Jordan shares his wisdom on who owns you, and why America has liquor stores and drug stores on every corner.


🔷  US Corporation, UCC Maritime Admiralty Law, Occult Symbolism


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🔷   International Maritime Admiralty Law Radio Interview


🔷  Occhelli Effect


🔷  Saturn Matrix


🔷  Saturn Time Cube Matrix


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