Thursday, 4 January 2018

Research: Randi Green

Randi Green.

     A private enterprise with the goal of providing skills and knowledge to initiate personal and global changes.

"  We work to facilitate growth in this system to bring it back to its original intentions and why it was engineered to begin with.

We work to restore ourselves "


Higher Awareness Lifestyle Psychology with Energy

Perception & Energy Work

        "   We can only truly understand and work with our reality if we push our awareness into a higher type of lifestyle, where the priority is to achieve our full human capacity and develop our energetic potentials as well as our full consciousness"
~ Randi Green ~

🔹  The Work and Why We Do It

🔹  What is Progression Work?

🔹  Update on the Last Loop of Time

🔹  Where are we now after Easter 2018?

🔹  The Resetting aka the Event

🔹 Purification of Mind and Emotions

🔹  Purification of the Body

🔹  HAL Club

1. Expansion of Yourself

2. The Company Called Earth

6.  Beginning the Double Awareness

7. Unlearning All That You Know

8. Getting into My Department

9. What is Innovation? No More Extra Stuff

10.  The Importance of Commitment

🔹  My Understanding of Death, Souls, and Afterlife

🔹  Why the Heart and the Work Are Important

🔹  The Progression Work on the Template Level pt. 3

🔹  A New Perception of Reality: The Work Stations

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