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We are not alone.
The astronomers are wrong. The scientists are wrong.
They are here, but we cannot see them because they hide. They plain sight.
We are their servants, we are their slaves, we are their property....we are theirs.


In our galaxy are billions of Star Beings.

Humanoid races are the rule, not the exception. These races descended from many life forms: reptiles, insects, dinosaurs, birds and other life forms mankind cannot begin to imagine.

One of the oldest Star Races in this sector of the universe is the reptilian Ari-An which descended from dinosaur ancestors in the star system of Orion. Ruled by Queens, they created the most powerful empire in this galaxy. Ari-An warriors were unmatched for ferocity and bravery, and the Ari-An Empire was unmatched in power and size.

Millions of years of countless battles had allowed this Empire to develop advanced war strategies. Among these, the Ari-An practiced "conditioning" or "reprogramming" to control conquered populations and make them assets rather than liabilities. Enemies became obedient servants of the reptilian queens’ throne. In this way, the Ari-Ans eliminated resistance.

An unexpected evolution of another race in the star system Sirius posed a threat to the Ari-An Empire. Though not as old or as advanced as the reptilians, the warriors of the Kanus Empire, a doglike race (similar to wolves) made up for any lack with their fierceness. Even the most disciplined of the Ari-An warriors feared these vicious and barbaric Sirian warriors, who stopped to devour the flesh of their enemies on the battlefield.

Rapid advancement of the Sirian warriors threatened the very existence of the Ari-An Empire. As a result, the queens approached the Sirian kings to offer an alliance. A treaty was agreed upon that delineated which sectors of the galaxy each empire was to rule and, for a time, the warriors of both empires fought side-by-side.

With the birth of a new star system was born, the Sirian King was quick to claim it.

As the Sirians began to exploit its resources, this new system became an outpost for both the Ari-An and Sirian Empires, and the power and wealth for both continued to grow. But eventually war broke out again, this time among rival Sirian kings. In the end, Ari-An forces joined King An. Entire worlds held by the opposition were totally destroyed, including their moons and colonies.

Much later, King An sent his son Prince Ea and daughter, Princess Nin-Hur-Sag (both genetic scientists) to rebuild the destroyed world of Eridu and once again tap into the valuable and much needed resources found there. They successfully restored the atmosphere; refilled the seas with life; recreated plants, trees and flowers; and hybridized many different kinds of creatures.

The planet Eridu (Earth) was reborn.

New creatures were produced to inhabit the planet. One such creature, Apa-Mus, was an ape-beast hybrid whose only purpose was to serve and to slave in the fields and mines. But this beast was different from the others. It could understand orders and could communicate. Princess Nin-Hur-Sag had genetically engineered the ape-beast hybrid by using her own DNA. The beast grew in intelligence and began to teach his own quickly multiplying offspring.

When another species of genetically engineered workers - underground - dwelling Sheti Lizards, revolted and seized power, the ruling Star Beings fled from the planet. With the opposition out of the way, the Sheti used mind-control and programming techniques they learned from their masters to alter the memories of the remaining Star Being descendants. Mankind’s knowledge of Star Beings was replaced with myths and legends.

Sheti dominance has been and continues to be challenged by many other star races attempting to regain control of Earth -- and mankind -- for their own purposes.

The struggle for power goes on.

The reptilian Ari-An race has made several attempts to overthrow the present power on Earth.

Meanwhile, to maintain control of mankind, the Sheti have introduced new devices to continue the bombarding us with a numbing and controlling electronic blanket.

Many of these electronic instruments are carried on the person.

Population control will increase in intensity and only the select will be allowed to continue.

The battle lines have been drawn for a coming galactic war for the domination of planet Earth.

As long as mankind seeks salvation "out there," he paves the way for beings vying to become his Overlords. But mankind has another option.

Though born of beasts and bred to serve, mankind was created by the genetic scientists, Prince EA and Princess Nin-Hur-Sag using their own DNA and their own royal blood. This royal line of Sirian Blood entitles mankind to claim Earth its own. This is the story that has been suppressed, the truth that was kept hidden.

As long as mankind accepts Overlords and Gods, we accept an existence of servitude. When we finally remember that our own kingdom has been taken away, when we finally look to ourselves as our own Overlord or God, then and only then will we be free of extraterrestrials.

Our DNA was limited by the Anunnaki in order to keep us living in subservience, control, and conformity to our Anunnaki overlords.

These overlords are known as Enki and Enlil, the sons of Anu.

Enlil is Lord of the Word and all religions are based on honoring him as such. In biblical terms, he is referred to as Lord or God, but he is NOT anywhere near being Creator/Source.

The Anunnaki is referred to in the bible where it says,
"Let US make man in OUR own image."
These are the GODS that religious people worship and are in no way associated with Creator/Source.

Enki is known as Lord of Creation and is the one who is responsible for limiting our DNA in order for us to worship the Anunnaki as gods. He ended up falling in love with his creation and commingled with us which gave us the Anunnaki DNA as well.

Because the codons in our DNA were limited, the Anunnaki DNA also lies dormant in our DNA.

At this point, Enki's creation (humanity) had no passion or consciousness.

According to Morning Sky:
Enki was approached from a being from another galaxy outside of the system.

These particular beings, in their evolution, left the need for their own physical bodies and learned to use internal energy, "to climb the mountain. They didn't need a rope. They didn't need a ship."  They were able to use their own energy. As they used more and more internal energy, they needed less density.

So, these beings from another galaxy were able to generate an evolutionary formula and plugged in a humanoid bird. As they evolved, these beings lost their density.

They lost their need for a physical body but they liked ‘bonking'. For courtship purposes, they retained their wings. But in the dark, there's no sunlight… the energy beings glowed.

They came to Prince Ea and said,
"Do you really want to give them independence? Do you really want to give them Free Will? I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going to give you one of our own strands of DNA. If you hard wire it into the beast, you're going to condemn him to passion, to inexplicable fire."
Prince EA said, "In a second" and he took that DNA and went to the beast and hard wired it into the beasts.

Suddenly he (the beast) was linked to another race in another galaxy. Suddenly, he was aware. He was conscious. These beings were called AKU.

The gift that was given to Prince EA (that) was placed inside of the beast, was known as the Gift of the Feather."
When we look at the so-called "royal bloodlines" we are most likely looking at DNA that does NOT have passion of consciousness, nor does it contain the AKU DNA, the "Gift of the Feather".

In other words, those who have been controlling us for millennia know that the true genetic royalty on this planet are those who are NOT within their bloodlines.

The story we've been told is that the Anunnaki is in a battle for control and power between two brothers, Enlil and Enki.

In reality, this is no different than political parties where you have the left wing and right wing. It's always the same - while the shadow government controls everything in secrecy.

Our Earth DNA also contains the DNA of Enki's mother.

Creator/Source has demanded that the Anunnaki must return to fix what they had messed up (mainly our DNA).

🔹  The Terra Papers pt 01

  • Enlil & Enki ALWAY had their OWN Agenda's for Humanity !!!

  • Enlil's Daughter = Isis ( Egyptian Name) . . . also known as Ishtar ( Sumerian name ). Isis and her twin brother Sin wanted to overthrow their Grandfather's reign  . . their plans however failed and Sin was exiled to the moon ( see " The Moon Matrix" ) . So Isis went after Enki's younger son - Marduk's younger brother. Marduk got framed for the murder of his brother. Marduk started a war & revolt against his Annunaki Family members . . he hid away in the Pyramids ( became the "great god" Amen - Ra).  . . . 

  • The "Ashtar Command" is NOTHING MORE than Isis/ aka Ishtar that vowed to return to Earth and claim rulerships for herself ! Please ladies, the so-called Goddess Movement is NOTHING more than Isis/ Ishtar wanting to rule Planet Earth herself.

  • After the 2nd Galactic War . . Marduk / Ra returned to Earth and gets rid of Prince Ea & Prince Enlil & Isis/ Ishtar. He cleans out Earth and the only one's who are allowed to remain are those who will obey his orders & Pledge alliance to Ra. Thus . . Ra becomes the one and only Sun God !  He declares himself . .  The Sun/Son of God ! The one who had to go away and came back again  . .  The Second coming of the Lord Creator.

Ra comes back with a NEW ALLY.

  • Someone who will fight his war with him against the Syrian Kings.

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🔹  The Terra Papers pt 05

🔹  The Terra Papers pt 06

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  • Human-alien hybrids being introduced into society and being “trained” to learn skills such as driving and shopping, exchanging money, etc. This is reminiscent of an older interview conducted by James Bartley (See with an abductee woman named “Karen” whose job it was to train human-alien hybrids in various capacities.

  • Types of abductions, experiences, contacts. Simon shows diagrams of the mantids on crafts who sit at consoles in front screens that can view and arrange timelines, so that they can strategize and plan abductions in various people’s lives.

  • How the US Government has two lists of types of people: Those who have alien abductions, experiences and contacts, that the aliens provided to them, which are INCOMPLETE because the aliens have not updated these lists.

  • A list of other human abductees who the US has abdicated responsibility for, and who are under the responsibility of the aliens. EL– They apparently have no power over these people(?) because the aliens who take them have a higher hierarchy of command in these cases.

  • Orbs that appear in rooms or by certain kinds of video equipment are in actuality, a type of consciousness that has gone from a higher dimension into the third dimension. These are usually beings or entities that can observe and they often phase in and out of 3rd and 4th dimension, appearing and disappearing. In the 3D they show up as orbs.

  • Feline species of aliens or “cat people” who are very human-like and were the types of beings involved in the building of the pyramid and use an Illuminati Eye symbol. A diagram that Simon drew depicting the Illuminati Eye symbol with these feline beings.

  • Simon’s TV show (2013) interview in the UK, where he was instructed to not show sketches or pictures of reptilians, but it was ok to show the other alien images. EL– It just shows how controlled mainstream media is to follow orders not to put attention on the reptilians since, well, you figure it out.

  • The false flag, alien invasion scenario will most likely be conducted using the dark triangular craft he identified as the first generation, back engineered craft. They have 4 lights on the bottom side of the craft. This would be an effort to unite people in an NWO scheme.(Remember it’s ALWAYS A CRAPPY DECEPTIVE DEAL!) This would bring on the excuse to chip people, using America as the power to “protect people” from these evils.  People must wake up and resist anything that will take away our sovereignty. No one will come and save us. It’s up to us to evolve spiritually, and we are at a crucial point energetically. EL–In my view, how we evolve is key, because most religious and spiritual systems have been corrupted, where at the top you usually find some reptilian, Draco or winged serpent controlling that particular guru. But, one also must know that truth is mixed in with lies or misleading, so you don’t necessarily throw the baby out with the bathwater. So in one's path of searching, always be discerning and according to Simon, most beings on the 4th dimension do not have our best interests at hand.

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