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The Andromeda Council is an intergalactic and interstellar governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life... for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.  

The Andromeda galaxy is also known as M31 to the people of Earth.  

       The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) different, distinct member worlds & races.

The emblem above in blue  is the symbol of the Andromeda Council.

     Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today.  It is said the majority of these races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment.

Andromeda Council - Glossary
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Tolec is an Andromedan Council contactee.

🔷 Tolec with Lisa Harrison - Andromedan Council Contactee Interviews I & II

The Andromeda Council is an intergalactic governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life... for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.

The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) distinct representative council member races.

The Council has,
  • a non-voting Chairman from the star system Zenetae, planet Tishtae
  • a non-voting Vice-Chairwoman from the star system Mirach, planet Terial

There are also some 3D, third dimensional like Earth; 5D, fifth dimensional, and 6D, sixth dimensional, people that are members of this governance body as well. There is one council member per seat. There are living accommodations on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere, where these meetings are held, for the people who live in all of these dimensions of life.

Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today.

🔷  Andromedan Perspective II - with Mark Kimmel & Tolec

Members of the Andromeda Council are from the star systems and planets listed below:
  1. Star System:     Arcturus -        Planet: Pitolla
  2. Star System:     Antares -         Planet: Nikotae
  3. Star System:     M103 -             Planet: Legola
  4. Star System:     Procyon -        Planet: Kaena
  5. Star System:     Vega -              Planet: Percula
  6. Star System:     Capella -         Planet: Pershea
  7. Star System:     Polaris -          Planet: Ventra
  8. Star System:     Sirius A -         Planet: Toleka
  9. Star System:     Deneb -           Planet: Ritol
  10. Star System:     Tau Ceti -        Planet: Xeta
  11. Star System:     Alhena -          Planet: Degaroth
  12. Star System:     Betelgeuse -   Planet: Etorth

- If would like to find the location of these above star systems, you can  go to 

Chairpersons to each advisory board.
  1. Higher Dimensional Realm Advisory Board
  2. Star System Membership Review Board
  3. Galactic Federation of Planets Review Board
  4. Exobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Sirius- Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)
  5. Xenobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Procyon-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)
  6. Oceanography Galaxy Advisory Board
  7. Space Travel Dimensional Flight Technology Review Board
  8. Planetary Medical Advisory Board
  9. Universe Education Observation and Advisory Board
  10. Telepathy and Vocal Communication Observation and Advisory Board
  11. Galaxy Sector Planetary Exploration Discovery and Assessment Team
  12. Military Threat Level Assessment and Advisory Board
  13. Spiritual and Emotional Mastery Dimensional Assessment and Dev'l Board
There are also other affiliated councils, or races, some formal members of the Andromeda Council, some not, willing to help the people of planet Earth in its process of evolution. 

One of the affiliated councils is the Galactic Federation which is a federation of star systems and planets of benevolent beings.

The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 star systems, and at present 300 planets. It is lead by a Chairman from the Tau Ceti star system which itself has a formal seat, is a senior chaired member of the Andromeda Council.

The Federation's lead planet is - Xeta.

It is expected over the course of the next few years as planet Earth adjusts to its new life in the 4th dimension - as well as being part of a greater family of intelligent life that is thriving across the cosmos - planet Earth will be invited as a single member to join the Galactic Federation.

Visitors to Earth will most likely come from the following four (4) star systems and planets:
  1. Polaris - planet Ventra
  2. Antares - planet Nikotae
  3. Sirius A - planet Toleka
  4. The constellation Cygnus, star system Alpha Cygni (aka) Deneb - planet Ritol

The 4 Andromeda Council planets:
- Ventra
- Nikotae
- Toleka &
- Ritol

🔷     The 12 Andromeda Council Biospheres

The Andromeda Council - Tolec interview with Tim Bravo of
"Extraordinary Year"    reviewing the details of the twelve (12) Andromeda Council biospheres, including the six (6)  hospital biospheres.

 The 5 Galactic Federation Top 5 Planets
  1. Start System Mirach -     Planet Tireal
  2. Procyon Star System  -  Planet Kaena
  3. Arcturus Star System  -  Planet Pitolla
  4. Sirius A Star System  -   Planet: Toleka
  5. Star System Degera   -   Planet Dakote
There are about 250 others.

The planned geographic areas of the planet Earth that will be visited, in order of priority, are the following:
  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
  5. Brazil
  6. Argentina
  7. UK
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Italy
  11. European Union
  12. Russia
  13. China
  14. South Korea
  15. Indonesia
  16. India
  17. Turkey
  18. Saudi Arabia
  19. South Africa
  20. Australia

🔷  Tolec Interview Update 

🔷  Andromeda Council:  Comet 17P Holmes as prelude to 4th dimensional Earth

🔷  Andromeda Council:  Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life  [Molecular & Cellular Change]

🔷  Andromeda Council Update on Elenin, [Tekoma] brown dwarf, Nibiru, earth changes, 4D Earth


Our sun is a portal, a stargate.

      All other suns of the same classification as your sun... they are also 'natural' stargates. In order for a ship to enter into your sun as a portal or stargate each ship must do a few things:
it must change their frequency to match the vibratory rate of the sun, it must be attuned to a 4th-dimensional vibratory frequency & rate, it must also input into their ship's navigation system the sun's unique signature code, each major celestial body has one.
This unique signature identification code for your sun is much like what you on Earth call a - GPS location code.

        Andromeda Council affiliated planets, their biospheres/ships are monitoring and policing the entry of all ships into your sun very closely, as close as humanly possible. Over time, some malevolent beings have escaped Earth using the sun as a portal, as a stargate to get close to their homeworld, though this is a very, very small percentage.

       Comparatively, most of the ships entering your sun are either Andromeda Council affiliated members, or they belong to aligned benevolent people who have a good relationship with the member planets of the Andromeda Council. Also know, your sun is being watched & monitored very closely for those ships attempting to return from the other side of the Stargate, to Earth space, attempting to use your sun as a re-entry portal.

Know that Andromeda Council flagged biospheres/ships, and their scout craft will ensure any malevolent beings are not allowed back into Earth space. The clean-up of Earth must and will continue with forwarding progress.

This is all part of Earth's evolution, its destiny to become a 4th-dimensional world.

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