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The Code to the Matrix Part 1: Is there a Code to the Matrix?

This is Part 1 of Research into " The Code to the Matrix".

Part 1:   Is there a Code to the Matrix?
Part 2:   Code Breaking is Spell Breaking
Part 3:   Deprogramming Mental Spells and Codes

Code Breaking = is Spell Breaking!

" In the beginning, there was the code. . . "

     Are we really in a Matrix”?

    ☛      Can we be pulled out of the Matrix?

☛    Is there an actual Code to the Matrix?

This is a Research Article with Brief Quotes
& My Own Interpretations & Notes

~ The Code to the Matrix
by Sevan Bomar ~

It's actually very difficult to follow the YouTube Videos, so Read the Book ( click on the photo of the book to get the PDF ). I'm only posting the 1st of 3 YouTube Videos. . .  you can find the other 2 on YouTube.

-  This book will awaken your memory.  The rabbit hole is far deeper than you expect.  
Not to mention the fact that after you get deep into the rabbit hole you must climb back out,
which they forgot to mention.

-    It is time to innerstand that multiple worlds exist already functioning, some far worse than the one we are currently in, and some in complete harmony, like a Utopia.

-   What is most amazing is how the obvious goes totally unnoticed. This would mean that we are out of focus and we need to actually zoom in or scale down to look at what is right in front of our face.

🔷   How this all came about - this Program we call the Matrix - was through a play of words.

The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word”.

-   This refers to an actual Word that can create things.

-    The original oral Kabbalah/ Creation Word consists of only one word that masters energy on this dimension. The entire body needs to be put into the formulation to pronounce this word. The written Kabbalahs have been proven to a degree to teach the Magus how to control droves of elementals that can be bent to the will of the Magus. However, one should keep in mind that the use of these Beings to gain an advantage in everyday life rather than doing it naturally always “spells” trouble.

-  These beings are very different from Humans,  they have only one ability. Often called Elementals: meaning "simple or base",
a controller of one element.  They are also referred to as Sylphs, Undines, Gnomes, and Salamanders which correspond to Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.   And It is well known that they often play tricks on the Magus.

-  This ONE WORD mentioned above and its correct pronunciation was lost because of abuse.

The deepest & darkest part of "Spiritual" knowledge lied within the Art of Goetia and Necromancy.    Apparently, this ancient knowledge from Sumeria eventually spread to the  Western schools of thought creating multiple offshoots. The Necromicon, the Sumerian Spellbook of Marduk/Ra was the Initiated Doctrine of dark occults.  Necromancy as a game entered the U.S. through the  Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley -Illuminist themselves. First, it came as the Ouija board and then the game Séance. This opened organic portals & the knowledge of the Ghost World . . .  As you notice Christianity speak of a Gospel ( Ghost Spell ) and entreat the Holy Ghost.

-    The Seal of the Necromicon of Marduk - the sworn enemy of man.
If you see it, head the other way, Necromancers are lower life forms looking to gain energy.  
-    They are distorted and not fully developed thus they know not what they do and have no guidance.    
The sigil is a series of imperfect pentagrams meaning flawed.
-   The Art of Deifying or creating Gods was perfected in Egypt. They discovered upon death that if a person knew the secrets of the soul they could become like Gods to the mortals.   
-   Notice Grave and Gravity are almost the same words not to mention you go “6” feet down in an 8 sided box.

The “ Dimensional Transport Ritual ” is still used in the western world.   
This ritual of the 8 sided rectangular box ensures that the departed soul will be transported to the Astral Dimension ( from where the Soul is recycled again & again . . ) or sealed/ trapped. This ceremony/ ritual exists today in most religions without the
slightest knowledge that Souls are unknowingly being boxed up & transported.

The God making business set some men up to became Lords of the Underworld and its grotesque inhabitants.
-   The 1st Book of the Christian Bible . . . the word Genesis was actually formulated from the words “ Genes of Isis ” or 
“Generation of Isis”.
-   None of these are Hebrew terms. Even the word Bible comes from the word Byblos which is the place Isis set
up worship to mourn Osiris

-    The Ishtar Gate is one of the most controversial relics known to man. Just as the pyramids are gates,
the Gate of the Ishtar also known as the Gates of Ilu were 1st located in Ur.

-     This was the first gate ever constructed to open the Portal of Inanna/Ishtar/Ashtoreth/Astarte/Asherah/Venus a channel to androgynous
vampiric serpents and various other life forms. She is Inanna consort of Marduk/Ra also called She-Ra, connected to the Seven Sisters in the Pleiades their protector the Dog Hyades/Anubis they are Ma, Maia, Ma’at, Mag and Mary who give power to the Magus with them is the Serpent Sor who is the Source of the Sorcerers power of Hathor. 

This is the Dragon its first depiction then called SUSA our abbreviation USA land of the Serpents who guard the Sedona time portal to SIAM. Their Art is sedation, which brings about delusion and seduction.  

-   When approached by these Beings one feels a pressure around the anus. They are androgens thus they masquerade as female and male this is God “S”,Dragon Queens or Drag Queens.

-  The Gates of Ishtar: was the main reason the USA & Allies went into Baghdad ( not the oil). Whoever controls the main Gate controls all subsequent Gates.  In Ancient times, men would war against each other to find favor with Ishtar, then erect a High Place in her name to serve as a gate or portal.

The Cross of Ilu

The Elite controlling our Reality program uses an 8 sided portal for hyper- dimensional travel and as their
insignia. An Eight is also known as a double cube or Solomon’s Temple. 4+4=8.

The first word we must introduce in the Code is the “OR”.
The “OR” means Gold.
-  ( Refer to the Articles by Dan Winter on the Annunaki and their Gold Mining Operations to understand the Importance of Gold in Trading in our Galaxy. )

(  ✥ Humanity has ALWAYS been mining Gold for the Huge Galactic Trading Vessels to use for Cloaking. If you spin Monomatic Gold as a certain ratio and speed, you can cloak an object... our own scientists know this and experiment with a type of technology every day. You can research this yourself if you are interested in more information. )
- But the real Gold is the Human Soul Genetics, this is what other Galactic Races sought after and  “Mine”.
-   The Element gold itself is known to carry a special vibration due to its conductivity, which makes it, in fact, alive & able to channel wealth & material energy. Gold emits a certain vibration that keeps the owner of it on top in the material realm not to mention that many species digest its Monatomic state.
-   Monatomic Gold is also known as ORMES and is a preferred Spirit enhancing the element of the Alchemist.

Against common belief, one did not have to be an Alchemist in order to make Monatomics. It was found and harvested in the desert, dry lake beds
that the Sun had cooked for hundreds of years.  Caravans of Traders would collect this substance and trade it as " secret salts " at values higher than Gold. This is the legendary Salt worth more than Gold.
-     This is also why the Pharaohs entombed themselves in  Gold and were found in bask reliefs consuming it or being offered it by the people in cones.
-     You will soon learn why the  “OR” leads to everything going on here in the w”or”ld.

-    One of the first Egyptian Gods Ptah is an anagram for Path which is the word we use to refer to our Spiritual quest or personal road.
In order for the system to work and in “or”der for our minds to be fooled we are made to subconsciously believe they are the creators of wordplay, which they are not.

-   So the next question would be of course who are “they” and this we will get in due time.
-   Many Talismans’ symbols that I see people are wearing are indeed Voodoo veves.

Voodoo is just another Venusian dark Art. Many of the common symbols we use every day mean things much different than we assume.

-  For instance, the heart is the sign of Erzulie, another name for Venus.
The heart is not a symbol of love but evol/ evil.

-   You will see the two snakes associated with the Goddess even more as we go, and of course the M.

Oracle Advice

Premier: Astral Quest

Total Regeneration

In the article: Sacred Geometry Revisited,  I pointed out to the Fact that the geometry of the Flower of Life, is distorted - aka - The Metatronic Distortion.

       The knowledge of the organic cube was taken from Egypt and given the title the Flower of Life.   The Egyptians used this to visually encase matter within it. Then it was used to move things, especially large objects, around with their minds.

NB Meditating on this Geometric Shape will help solidify the Cubic frame of the body we are already trapped in.

The real purpose of these shapes is an Art called Tesseract.

 If you are carrying a low vibration you cannot physically travel through higher vibratory fields with the body, obviously, but you can get to other Planes, Planets and various territories with capable ships. This is what is meant by the term “External Mer-Ka-Ba”.
    In the Spiritual circles of Thule during Third Reich Nazi Germany, the greatest magicians of all time had come together. Madame Blavatsky, Dietrich Eckart ( who trained Hitler). Madame Blavatsky possessed an array of esoteric goodies she picked up from the Black Tibetans during her trip to Agharta/ Shamballah. She begins her Book “Isis Unveiled” with a stout beginning making her allegiance in BATH KOL ISIS known. This is how the Swastika of the Black Sun got into circulation in Germany.
      The Black Sun is the opposite energy, a taker of life for strength rather than a giver. Madame Blavatsky had Master El Morya, St. Germaine, Kuthumi, Sanat Kamara, Sananda, Aleister Crowley, McGregor Mather, Frater Achad, Krishnamurti, Leadbetter, and Besant all Immortal "masters" of Astral Travel and devoted members of Great White Brotherhood.

      The Third Reich had a contact who wrote the new Emerald Tables of Thoth, about the dwelling in the underground city of Agharta.    The Reich gathered all the powerful Shrines from around the world, which eventually ended up in the vaults of the British Museum.    Many of these objects " do"  strange things when placed back on their corresponding leylines.

You can only get into the vaults of the British Museum if you are a member of The Golden Dawn.
     Leonardo DaVinci showed us in his drawings  ( which are full of sacred geometry), that the Human
body has a 5 fold nature.
-   Five senses, 5 fingers on each hand etc.
-  There is an actual seam running down the middle of the body showing we are two five-fold sides put together.
-   What is happening now is most people are operating on 3 senses versus the 5 senses they think they have.
     If we can’t operate on all 5 senses, then we not “unlock” the 6th sense, which is how you feel when all 5  senses are being used at their height simultaneously. In addition, it takes the 6th senses to unlock the 7th and so on.

  To clarify the statement of many languages being backward:
-   All holy languages, as they are called, like Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, Aramaic, and Sanskrit are written from right to left.
-   English, Latin, French, and Spanish, also known as the Latin Vulgate, are all written in the opposite direction from left to right. The reason for this is the direction you read and write plays a heavy role in the direction your mind is moving since the mind turns more like a wheel in thought.
-     This also affects what side of the brain you predominantly use. Many of the words in these languages, especially the Vulgates, when looked at backward or sounded out in vibration give you the actual origin of the word and its manifold involvement in the erosion of the intelligence of the Human race.
 For Example:

-     AMOR is the word for love in Spanish. AMOR is the son of Venus.
When you look at it backward it spells ROMA which is of course ROME.

This proves that when you turn the word backward you don’t get the opposite meaning, you just get more of the meaning.
That is another valuable key to learn. Since letters are truly Numbers, let's say ABC is 123. No matter how you move the words around it will still equal 6.
-     In English LOVE comes from JOVE wife of Jupiter. We can conclude a J is also an L just facing the other direction.
     The Art of magic itself involves an accurate system that cannot be altered too much or else it will have no effect. Much power lies in repetition. This is why so many words are often spelled the same, but each is given a different meaning to increase its use. For this reason, it is easier to spot them once you know the basic parameters.

Also, Remember . . . the eyes see everything upside down first. They then must flip the image you see before it sends it to your brain, all of which happens so fast you never notice.

The eyes are easy to be tricked, in fact, many places in our Matrix have Optical Illusions over them so you cannot perceive what is really there to your naked eye. As seen in folklore they often spoke of hidden doorways to other dimensions.

-   Focus your eyes on the dot in the center of this Illustration.
-   Now move your head back and forth, notice the wheels spinning?

Your perception can easily be manipulated by those who innerstand the complete body down to the atomic and cellular levels.

When looking at StarGates - that are positioned all over the Planet - some in plain sight! . . . you will never see anything enter or exit the Gate. They remain on a frequency none detectable by the eye.
-    This is not very hard to accomplish, as the controllers have mastered the art of invisibility because of the inaccuracy of the two eyes.
-   Focus on the cross in the center of the Optical Illusion, you will notice the dots disappear altogether.

-  If you keep your focus longer, the dots will reappear and then change colour to green.

There are a few things that should become obvious to you now about many of the "Gods".
Their Worlds have run far longer than most can fathom especially since we have a hard time remembering what we did last Saturday.
      Part of what is happening to our short-term memory, which is very important because it makes the transfer to our long-term
memory, is we store on computers everything we should remember on our own thus our memory wilts down because it is unused. Even numbers of our close family members are stored in the phone memory banks, not our personal memory.

     When we stop logging and watching numbers, them, an entire world of fact is closing upon us. Numbers are what we call the Master Language”.   

 And if you want to Understand the Code to the Matrix, and how to De-Program it,  you will need to start paying attention to numbers, letters and names again - you can only read it, if you can decode it.

      Those that have become masters of Astral Travel report that when encountering and passing through 4th dimension they knew not to stop. They reported heavy reptilian E.T. activity of a weird unwelcoming kind. Upon reaching the end of the 4th region, there appeared what seemed to be an Artificially Intelligent computer barrier. Something like a giant computer that was alive that made a noise as if some type of giant engine was running within it. Some would wave this off as absurd and of course, I would too if I didn’t have something more to add to another strange sync with this “Ma”chine.  ( I actually encountered this " Machine-Like Intelligence many times in my dreams, where it always seemed very hostile to me for trying to "escape" a prison-like school building).

    In the last Matrix movie, it came down to Neo talking to the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and making some sort of deal in order to free the people from the Matrix
-     "AI" is actually an important city in ancient Sumeria -  pronounced (EYE) like the all-seeing-eye. 
-  The Atlantians were also known as the Borgians, which is where the French term Bourgeoisie comes from. They claim to be descendants of Ancient Atlantians.

A BORG is known to be part Human, part organic technology.

The Real Matrix

What is The Matrix?

What is the Matrix? . . . a Matrix is a womb / a place where things are cultivated.
-    Earth = Training Cycle / womb.  
-    Matrix OS is the system as used by the Draconian - Reptilian - Lizard Alliances.

-   In Chinese " I" / Eye means dragon, Qi also refers to a dragon / electrical force.
-   Electrical Energy is related to circuits. 

How is the Matrix being controlled?

-   The Moon . . . Emits a certain level of radiations. The Moon amplifies the Sun radiation.  As discussed before, The Moon is a Craft and the Station from where this reality is controlled.
-   Earth has a lot of salt water, that is highly conductive to this radiation energy.
-   The Grid System that exists on Earth at the Moment and the Leylines are highly controlled and compromised.

    Where Leyline cross, there will be a "gate" / portal that emits a certain frequency... the frequency of what that way-point/ anchor wants to create. This frequency will affect and change everyone that lives in the vicinity of the way-point/ anchor, to the ideology that it is emitting.

-   These way-points / anchors also redundify our bodies.  They serve to control the human body.  The Chakra System, The Meridian System etc.  The Chakra's Responds to our body parts, but also to parts of the Planetary Systems. 

-   Most of Humanity is Trapped inside "the NET" - PlaNET ( a plane with a NET / Soul Catching Net over it).  But not all are trapped in the plaNET, some are trapped in the Galaxy.

-   Earth also has a "Chakra" system. Crystals carry the energy of that chakra.  The Crystals are affected by the Photons emitted by the Sun.



Four Word

The race was not given to the quick or the swift, but to the one who could endure till the end, then we found out there was no end.

     The unwary soul, who fails to grapple with the Mocking Demon of Illusion, will return to the Earth as the slave of Illusion. To become a true master of fate you must first become a "Knower of Self".

     In a time much too distant to consider we as Humans splitting from the single Source entered Duality. Spiraling away from the Creator some spun in the direction of 6 while others spun in the opposite direction of 9, this is the "Spiral Force". These two forms contain complete opposites, however, it is with their Union something new can be born, this is the sequence of life.

     Our Solar System houses various Binary or Dual worlds and Earth called first Tiamat is one of them. Once entering this realm the Spirit begin to develop its very narrow definition of things, as in most cases, besides twins, they are lacking their other side. In extinct we create a "stand in" which we call the ego. The ego is wholly constructed of astral energy in which we create and breathe life into every day. At times not knowing "power" we birth a Monster which we love and care for since after all, it is a part of us, our baby.

     At some point in incarnations or loops, one realizes they must begin the quest of taming the Monster. They realize they must flip it over and ride it. At that moment they also see how strong it has become as it is stuck in its ways, rigid in form, brutish and ineloquent. In that condition, we can take it nowhere just as you never take a street dog into a royal party.

     The work before us then was to take this rough cut stone and form it into a chariot of fire that could propel us through the center of the Universe, it is there we will meet our other half. In this realm that is the meaning of life.

     To help us through this whole process and all of its components the Highest developed a system based upon the energies of the entire Universe. Seeing that Humans are smaller composites of the Celestial Spheres it became possible for one to know how to guide their particular life in the direction that would equal the greatest amount of potential for their unique design.

It is the Highest.

If you but knew.
   Everything around you has a meaning, and you know what that meaning is, you can locate yourself in this Universe.
-   When the beings who 1st came to this Planet, started taking in through their portals/pores, and digesting other fauna & flora.


But of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:
for in the day that thou partaketh of this Tree of Knowledge of good and evil ( עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע ) 
thou shalt surely die "
~ Genesis 2:17 ~

-   AAA = Illuminati " Code" to Breaking the Programming... the Knowledge of HOW TO BREAK A HABIT!

-   Step 1: Admit what is going on.
-   The Dark cannot perceive the Light.
-   You always have Choice. And both force of "light" and "dark" is equally important. Duality is a Creative Force.
-   Magic = an innate ability to calls phenomena that would otherwise be deemed impossible.
-   To accomplish such things, you need to bring out the BIG Leagues.
-   When you get to a certain frequency, you "loose" consciousness. Meaning you cannot hold a physical body.

   So we can see Sophia ( Planet Earth ) may very well be heating up so It can shake off all that is not vibrating with its core essence.

The only things that will remain, when a planet chooses to go into that type of process, are the ones resonating with
the Planet. . . The Trees.

   ArcWoman: are carrying 2- by -2 .  . . . the DNA of all the beings that exist in the physical reality... aka the DEVA.

    (  Haplogroup H is a human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup... Mitochondrial haplogroup H is today predominantly found in Europe, and is believed to have evolved before the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) More than a third of the European pool of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is fragmented into a number of subclades of haplogroup (hg) H, the most frequent hg throughout western Eurasia . .

    Anu = the 'god" of the bible, who set himself up as king, to command the archons.

    The ARC - ON's
    -  Servants of the Demiurge/ "creator god".
    -  Comes from the Greek word ἄρχοντες. Meaning "principalities"/  "rulers. 
    -  From " The Word" Anu creates... but itself doesn't even know where it comes from, and it creates beings that don't know where they come from.

-   The Planet itself IS NOT a sphere... we/ humanity creates ATMOS- PHERES, where we can live and have our experience in.

   Innerstanding: The way to 'transcend" this world, is in the CENTRE of the Planet.

-   Words in Languages we use are really "Backwords" / BCKWRDS .  . . and also have the opposite meaning of what the word is trying to convey . . .

-   Anu brought in the Family . . see Robert Morningsky: Terra Papers . .. Anu Lured Souls into incarnating into physical bodies. That is the only way you can rule over a Soul. When Souls go into duality, they generate Light. . . .aka Stars.

-   That light will attract an otherwise not-limited being... to LIMITS. There is a Limit to what Light can put out.

-   When a person sees "the Light"... they rush towards it ( we have discussed this in detail in the Lesson about the Frequency Fence, and why you should NOT "go toward the Light" when you transition/ die).  

-   When you rush toward the light, you come into the next incubation/incarnation, ( inside of the Cube ).  

  Many times, when a person originates from a different Planet/ constellation, and if/ when you don't get around with other beings that resonate with the same balance frequency of the sphere they were on last, then they can't charge.  ( see Dan Winters Material on Light Your Own Fire / StarMaps & Hygiene for Bliss)  . . . 

  • How can we get the Geometry of the Land of Project Soul Groups Into Stars?
  • Most people don't have the correct spin density to excite their DNA independently to STAR NAVIGATE.
  • But when you have a Soul group that is consistently able to do BLISS PROCESS together, you get a COCOON that IS STAR NAVIGATE - ABLE.
  • Genepools that do NOT learn bliss ( how to ignite DNA’s implosive ability to make the gravity to bend stars) are perfect for harvesting parasites & Technology eEnhanced Genetics ( TEG's).

  When a person cannot find someone that is like family to them . . . they can't "Light their Own Fire" /  Soul Charge... because they cannot find those that are Orbitally connected to them right now!

-  You have people around you that are in orbit around you right now, that comes and goes . . . . When/ If you increase your vibration to harmonize more with those that you WANT to be in relation with, then you will be in contact more and more. . . . you harmonize with / or not, to those around you.

   Then the Coding of your DNA no longer becomes something that you are "trapped" into. 

-    When collapse all of the chakras into One . . . then you can get out of the
Perception Illusion . . . our 5 physical senses are overloaded with input,
so this is the true meaning of " common sense" . . . when you collapse the 5 senses, then
the endless "inner chatter" will STOP.

  Epigenetics teaches us that DNA is NOT Your Destiny.  . .  the Environment can change DNA. 

-    Discoveries in Epigenetics are rewriting the rules of disease, heredity, and identity.  Our DNA is widely regarded as the " instruction book " for the human body. But genes themselves need instructions for what to do, and where and when to do it.  Those instructions
are NOT found in the DNA itself but in an array of chemical markers & switches, known collectively as the epigenome, that lie along the length of the double helix. These epigenetic switches and markers in turn help switch on or off the expression of particular genes.  Epigenetic signals that come from the environment alters the genetic sequences cell's DNA.

  " World Building" =  spherical.

-   This kind of Spherical World that the rulers invented, is a projection that we - as humanity - are collectively holding.
-   But this is a misconception of how the world is really shaped.

-   This is World Building / Word Building... cause humanity is
visualizing a world the way IT IS NOT!

BuckyBall ~

-  This is the way Illusions are created . . . this is what is referred to as archon idea-building.

- Beings (  think  . . humanity ) . . . believe in that world, they start to LIVE in that world.  But this Illusionary world is several frequencies lower than the "real" world.  And the Real World you can perceive and see when you open up your 3rd Eye.

-   Beginning to break that illusion, is when you realize that you ARE NOT living on a round ball ( as planet Earth is usually depicted ) that is speeding through space . . .  as you've been taught in school . . .

   The Moon in ancient times was " coin" . . . so what we are looking at in the Sky is actually shaped like a coin, that is because the Moon IS A CRAFT!  ( see... Saturn & The Moon Matrix ).

-  From the Moon Device, a lot of the "software" programs that control and manipulate or our ISP is constructed.  . . for example the illusion of Time.

- Fact Is:  
Those Controlling this ISP Reality is showing us the Truth in for example Movies ALL THE TIME.

The question is... Can you decipher the Messages !!!

The Vibratory Wavelength of our  World is very, very Slow.
    -   Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. 

The Law of Vibration

     Everything Vibrates: This Universal Law states that everything
in the Universe moves and vibrates -

everything is vibrating at one speed or another.

Nothing rests.  

    Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you

Everything has a Frequency

     The level of frequency is determined by vibration rate and wavelength.

The longer the wavelength the lower the vibration frequency.
-   Every living element in our body radiates a vibration or frequency, measured in hertz (Hz).
   The average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62-68 [M]Hz.

    A healthy body frequency is 62-72 [M]Hz. 

When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised


To every Frequency there is Resonance.

-   When two or more objects are vibrating with resonant frequencies. . . . aka . . .  If the frequency happens to match the resonant frequency of the object it's hitting, then you'll get what's called resonance. Resonance occurs when the amplitude of an object's oscillations are increased by the matching vibrations of another object.

But because the Vibratory Wavelength of our  World is so Slow, it seems as though we "freeze" in Time... we and all matter appear SOLID Matter to our perception.

-   When you increase your vibration, you move towards the finer frequencies of light ( You WILL NOT disappear, but simply increase the amount of light your DNA and Genetics can hold, and your physical vehicle will not be so dense. )

-   In High Frequencies... TIME changes. Time collapses.

~ to be Continued  . . . .

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