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Code to the Matrix by Sevan Bomar Research - Part 3 Deprogramming Mental Spells & Codes

"   The first step to Decoding the Matrix is realizing that You are not a physical body on a planet spinning through space. Your Soul exists outside the “Matrix” and is remotely controlling an Avatar in a Simulation. Your Avatar/body belongs to the Matrix... your Soul does not.

 We have also before talked about the fact that not all Avatar/bodies in the Simulation are connected to a soul. Many of the "people" in the Simulation are simply Programs. In order for you, as a soul, to remain sane in the Simulation, you must reject the profane lies and embrace the truth... This is a Controlled & Manipulated world!"
Robert Stanley ~

This is Part 3 of Research into "The Code to the Matrix"

Part 1:   Is there a Code to the Matrix?
Part 2:   Code Breaking is Spell Breaking
Part 3:   Deprogramming Mental Spells and Codes

Code Breaking = is Spell Breaking!

" In the beginning, there was the code. . . "

Brief Quotes + my Own Research & Insight

~ The Code to the Matrix Sevan Bomar ~ &
 ~ ~

-   In the last of the Matrix Trilogy movie, it came down to Neo talking to the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and making some sort of deal in order to free the people from the Matrix.

-   AI is actually an important city in ancient Sumeria - pronounced ( EYE ) like the all-seeing-eye.
-   The Atlantians were also known as the Borgians, which is where the French term Bourgeoisie comes from. They claim to be descendants of Ancient Atlantians. 

BORG is known to be part Human, part organic technology.

-   The Dog Star Sirius A, the star of Illumination for many Secret Societies including the Egyptians.
-  They called it Sothis, its symbol is the 5 pointed Star.
-  There is also Sirius B - called the pup or esoterically “Great Five.”
-   This is Anubis, 5 was the Sacred number of Atlantis.

-   During the invasion of the Anu - known also as Ana - life forms from another constellation: Nibiru, came to Tiamat/ Earth to subdue it. Tiamat fought the Annunaki who fought back using highly advanced weapons that ultimately split Tiamat.

-   Most of the main religions are Annunaki propaganda. Their main interest is our natural elements. Our Soul Genetics.

-   Several in-fighting ensued amongst these Beings - even often mutiny amongst themselves. These Beings are responsible for the Nephilim stories of the Bible. They altered a race of what appeared to be then pure spiritual Beings of various types, into spirit forms encased in the flesh in which they could slave and master over.

-   There is said to be a few among the Annunaki,  that over time grew very fond of the human race ( even in-breeding with some of the local woman  . . the story in the Bible of the "Giants" interbreeding with the young woman )  -  thus they began to teach humans “ their ways ” :  ways of enhancing their physical body by linking it to a Soul. These mysteries of enhancing the body later became known as “the Wisdom of the Serpent”. The correct term would be “the Wisdom of the Spirit” who may relate to the serpent because of its spiraling movement and fiery nature.

-   This cross-breeding was against the Prime Directive of the Annunaki ( see the work of Dan Winter on The Origin of our DNA) :


This meant Annunaki Males could contribute sperm ( Y ) but their Females - telepathic MAG X gene pool- were not to receive... sperm from the "local" human men.

In this way, there would be no dilution of their fractal egg embedded matriarchy bloodline.

In addition all crosses required approval. 

Their gene splicers, Nibiru/Hiburu 'priests' created sex guilt over this issue. 
  • The key moment was when Ninhursag put an Annunaki sperm impregnated cromagnon egg, into her womb. 
  • That was where the illegal fertile EVE was created. 

- THE FACT IS: ANU NEVER  gave permission for this to happen. Anu Sent his Grandson Marduk to set up Gold Mining Operations and stop this Cross Breeding...
-  Marduk's ship, Planet X -  very similar to George Lucas’s Death Star entered orbit around our Sun as the 12th Planet in the 10th position from the Sun hence its name Planet X. This marked the last crossing of Nibiru.

-   Marduk used a weapon known in the Tablets as a Net called also the Net of Indra  - some type of atmospheric net that keeps souls trapped on Earth/Tiamat not allowing them to continue their evolution. Marduk aka Ra set up the Pyramid systems, which I explained above as the first Matrix. Ra then became ruler of the Underworld which is the place where souls go when they remain trapped in the net but have expired their current physical body, thus they are waiting on a new one, this is re-incarnation, a curse.

( Personal Note... I think the history  of setting up of the Soul Catching net
is a very, very complex matter.
Like most info available in the main media matrix, it's probably not accurate. 

-   The Queen of England, who is the 3D representative of the ruler of this world, has instilled the worship of Ra, Anubis, and the rest of the Annunaki pantheism under various Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebraic guises.   It is the duty of ALL RELIGIONS to continue to suppress humanity and keep them in the ISP Illusion.

-     Other names of the Annunaki and their offspring are Anakim, this is why Anakin Skywalker is Dark Vader in the Star Wars Series.

-   They are the Celtic Tuatha de Danaan Sons Dan or the Danu. They are offspring and servants of Sumerian E.A.(pronounced Aya).  Called by their worshippers the “ Shining Ones”.

-   This is why the new name for our planet is “ EArth ".
-   According to the Sumerian text, Tiamat’s seas were full of souls that could be harvested ( harvesting your Soul Genetics ). This is the hidden meaning behind the Fisher King and Jesus being called “the Fisher of Men”.

-   When one of the Moons of Planet X collided with Tiamat ( oops  . . .  someone steered the ship to close to Planet Tiamat )... it split Tiamat into two parts. Tiamat had to release an ocean of Souls or Cosmic Essence into the cosmos. The Greek version of Tiamat is Demeter, which is where we get the term Diameter:  the cutting or dividing a circle in two, or split.

-   This is how we became separated from our other half.
-   The Egyptian termed these two parts the Ka and the Ba. Ka’bah.

What self-aware spiritual entity
would agree to a life of slavery?

-   Most Galactic Beings, like the Annunaki, see humanity and  Earthbound
souls as Energy Resources  . . .

Genetic Soul DNA Libraries & Resources

πŸ”·   Understanding Mind Control & Different Levels of Consciousness

- When we talk about the Matrix, we are actually talking about the structure of an Atom. 

Each within an atom = a frequency / vibration.

This is the basic building blocks of a reality:  The Atom ( Adam )

-  Inside the Hexagon Box that is created... that is the Matrix.

-     Luciferians = those who manipulate with light. 

That is what a Luciferian does on all levels . . . they utilize light ( and the maximum of that light is the Sun )...  and they refract the Diamonds / Tetrahedrons of the Sun's Light.

-    This Mirroring of light creates an Illusionary Field around us . . .

-    The Pentagram IS THE SPELL !! It is used by the Luciferians to bend & refract light.

-   There is an Opposing / Diametric Field to anything that you are trying to DO / Manifest. 

     That is just how the Matrix is set up to work. So if you want to manifest something...  you DO NOT want that Diametric Force to know what you are attempting to do!  And you do that, almost automatically with your enthusiasm & excitement... you rather want to get into a state of ongoing calmness & peace!


πŸ”· The Origins of "God" - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 3 Episode 4 Part 1-   

The Looped Square . . . . the symbol used to create Commands . . . means to Loop a Square.

πŸ”Ή   Who is really Responsible for All of This?

πŸ”Ή Who is Really in "Command "?

πŸ”Ή What is Really Taking Place in This reality?

-    The "Matrix" World / ISP  has several different Programs Running all at the same time.

-   This search is about un-tangling yourself from the Matrix Web, cause unless you are able to do that, you cannot be a Soul Sovereign!

- The Looped Square is very similar to Infinite Incursion - that is part of this whole Soul Re-Cycling ( Re-Incarnation ) Process & The Soul Catching Net.

         That is what the Weavers of " The Net" are capable of Doing.  The Internet is the physical correspondence of it.

-     In mathematics, the Borromean rings  (Valknut)  consist of three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link (i.e., removing any ring results in two unlinked rings). In other words, no two of the three rings are linked with each other as a Hopf link, but nonetheless, all three are linked.   This basically means that if one were to cut or take away one ring, the other two would fall apart. As such, Borromean Rings were used, since the early times, as symbols for strength in unity. Although Borromean Rings are usually composed of circles, other shapes have also been used, to represent this symbol, such as triangles.

1,3,5,7,9 = "Odd" #
2,4,6,8,10 - Even #

-    The 1st Language that was developed under this " VULgate"  ( V = 5 ). ( Vulgate = Latin version of the Bible authorized and used by the Roman Catholic Church.)

-    ENGLISH = ANGLISH = ELVEN Language !

-   Languages = Systems of Control.

Buckminsterfullerene (or bucky-ball) is a spherical fullerene molecule with the formula C60.

-   Buckyballs, also called fullerenes, were one of the first nanoparticles discovered.  

-   Buckyballs are composed of carbon atoms linked to three other carbon atoms by covalent bonds.
However, the carbon atoms are connected in the same pattern of hexagons and pentagons you find on a
soccer ball, giving a buckyball the spherical structure. 

 Buckminsterfullerene is one of the largest objects
to have been shown to exhibit wave-particle duality.  ( Wave-particle duality is the concept that every elementary particle or quantic entity may be partly described in terms not only of particles but also of waves. )

πŸ”· The Origins of God - Sevan Bomar - Astral Quest - Season 3 Episode 4 Part 2

The Elite communicate in Symbols and Designs, which are far more powerful than words.

πŸ”΄  I see it as useless to keep coming into lives in which we have no full knowledge of our previous experiences.

If you were completely transported from this world never to return, it would take place in your sleep.
Society has been trained to love lore and ceremony.

And no other Cult has risen to so much power in our time than that of Isis - the female goddess energy.
     The statue of liberty is a rendition of Isis. Her main sign is ($) which is the word ISIS compressed into one symbol. 

     The Statue of Isis was first known as Liberty Enlightening the World, but is now more commonly called, the "Statue of Liberty." However,  we must ask ourselves, "Is she truly enlightening the world, or is she actually the Goddess who keeps our illumination in the shadows as she holds the light above in her torch, only to hide the truth from the profane (uninitiated) of the abyss (sea of humanity) who are kept in the dark?"

A secret that keeps most of the population of the United States in complete ignorance as they are cast under the wicked spell of Isis. A Goddess of both Heaven and Hell.

   Her species seems to be completely foreign, hiding under the guise of Illuminating Warrior Goddesses. . . that is so popular today, especially under a woman in the “new age” movement. She impregnated the waters of the Euphrates river with her off-springs . .. this is what movies like “the V” and “the Knowing” are describing. 

     They have an agenda to take over the world completely, and they have major assistance from just about every main religious and social group, because of this instinct to gravitate toward a “Mother Goddess” figure. 

     The misguided need to interact with this “magical” feminine Being is exploited and mis-used. The Term “ Goddess” as we know it is a play on words. Further investigation into the creation story, makes it clear that the Serpent in the Garden was a female serpent, not a male like it is commonly believed. 

     These female Serpents were known as the race of Namaah and Lilith, and caused Chief Angels like  Azrael to fall from
their post and mate with them. Metatron is called literally The “Good” Serpent...  This is incredible, it admits Metatron is actually a serpent

Humanity is utterly ruled over in this dimension. But These Forces also extend into the Dream World and the Afterlife so there is no rest for the weary.

    Pentagram is the symbol of Isis/Sirius/Sothis and her consorts, also her opposite. 

The Five Pointed Star is not the symbol of the perfect man it is the star of contact for Sirius and all the various Beings that make up the Pentagram including the Inverted. These “featherweights” think the Most High has left this world never to return, and they are having a free-for-all. They know not we even watch the All-Seeing-Eye.

“S” is the primary symbol of the Serpent in the English alphabet.

S”pirit- The Ethereal Being of consciousness.

“S”phere: Our cellular level exists entirely of spheres.

“S”pin: Another word to describe the spiraling motion.

“S”oul-“S”ol: The life force of heat, warmth, and vitality.

     All of these forces, like the Sun, Soul, and Spiral had other names that did not begin with “S” it was simply motion, however, when the 70 languages where introduced across the world they all received this indoctrination of “S”’s vibration and thus a false relation to the Serpent that has permeated the subconscious mind.  A serpent has no voice box and can only whisper thus everything they say sounds like Sssssss. They are sometimes called the "Whispering Ones".

In Most teachings about the Chakra System one is taught to work from the root Chakra up, thus much of their teachings are based on Tantric and the manipulation of sexual energy. 

This is WRONG!

       The proper way is to work from the crown Chakra down thus the person escapes the traps of getting stuck in animalistic carnal phases which often happen when lower chakras are turned on before the higher ones.

      The arrangements made between these Beings have always been kept a secret until now, not to mention this whole story is completely allegorical. 

       On the Masonic tracing board at the top of the middle pillar sits a seven-pointed star known as the Star of the Pleiades also called the Seven Sisters or Seven Hathors

     It becomes evident that there is actually a group of female spirits, who are immortal, that is enlisted by the God “S” who have been attempting to steer the destiny of the Human race, these women are better known as the Fates.

The inside story is the Initiates were betrayed by the Goddess who sold them out to the Serpent. There is no telling the extent of what is really going on and what kind of trouble the Elite have gotten us all in to, even worse their code of silence keeps their lips sealed.

     The Fates are the key women who mated with the Nephilim and produced the offspring of heroes and villains with various forms and powers.

     The real mystery of Atlantis is the Island was submersible it never sank. They rule from below. Under Sea, Davy Jones’s Locker, David, and Oanes.

    A few important facts about the Binary Star Sirius: Sirius is a white Sun many times bigger than our own Sun.  Roman times Sirius was known as the Red Star and they sacrificed red dogs to the star. Every 50 years Sirius A and B come so close together they begin to spiral around each other at enormous rates. Once huge tidal forces are generated by these two Stars they eventually flip-flop positions. This energy is eventually released to flow on magnetic lines to the Sun, which transmits it like a lens to all the Planets.

     Floods of Earth from time to time wiped out many land mammals, however, aquatic Beings such as amphibians has always survived thus the oldest kingdoms remain under the Ocean. The primary oceanic race to come forth was Atlantis. Their species include that of Oanes known as the Fish God. Oanes was Father of Poseidon and Dagon - a fish . . . the fish being the reason why the Pope wears a Fish Hat, they worship Dagon and various others. 

    Remember Pantheism is the belief and worship of more than one God. A hidden
mystery is in the Holy Sea/See.  The Mother of King Dagobart was said to be rapped by Dagon while taking a swim in the Sea. His name means Priest King of the House of Fish. This was the beginning of the Merovingian Bloodlines. The Mer is the root of words such as Mermaid. Mer means a special light they are called Meropes who also connect with Mount Meru.

This is how they control you in the Matrix by illusive consentwhich cannot be reversed unless you are aware of it. 

     This is the doctrine of the Holy Sea. The Soul is seen as a Fish/Ishim out of water when it enters into Earth the material square. The instant that the mother’s “water” breaks her ARGO/Cargo descends the birth/berth canal. There is a Doc/Dock on hand to take the delivery. Once born the baby is under Earth jurisdiction of “Mari”time Law as opposed to Natural Law. These are the laws of the Matrix one must abide by. 

     A certificate of Birth or “Manifest” is written itemizing the condition and specifics of the ARGO/Cargo. The baby or Vessel is given an “SS” number then granted privilege to go
ashore. If it gets in trouble the accused Soul finds itself in court once again standing on the dock/docket. The Soul is considered dead while sailing in the “Earthy Container”.

The Fleur-de-lis, which is one of the most popular symbols of today, has many meanings. 

-  First, it symbolizes the three pieces of Holy Wood of the cross. This is the deepest meaning. Apparently, this Tree of Life was actually, a real Tree and pieces of it were taken about through history by important personages until finally, they crucified Jesus on it.

The Fleur-de-lis was also the symbol of the exotic Blue Lily.

     This was a flower that grew out of the marshes of the Nile. The Kemets/Egyptians were masters of chemistry and Alchemy this was the core religion of the Priest. 

     Kem is where these words derive from. During the Initiation Rites, the Kemites, would procure concentrated doses of the Blue Lily and administer it to the Initiates. They would then place the vibration rod more commonly called an Ankh against the back of the Initiate’s neck to transfer vibration. After this the Initiate would be lead through the inner chambers of the great Pyramid, each room carried a particular frequency that would prepare the body to go into an astral death state. Finally, they would be placed in the Sarcophagus and depend on the initiation his or her soul would descend to the underworld, Mars, or Sirius due to the Zero Point field of the Great Pyramid lined up on the Van Hallen Belt on 6 major ley lines. At that moment they would meet the Lord Dog of the Underworld Anubis, Bael, and others all surrounded by the hounds of hell and many other goons like Ra hanging out in The netherworld of Dar which is where we get the word Dark.

The Fleur-de-lis is also the symbol of the Jester’s Hat or simply the Trickster or Magician who concocts magic and illusions. The Mage and Jester played an important part in the
King’s retinue as it was their responsibility to keep the King entertained and informed of things of the spiritual nature.

The Pyramids are constructed to produce a Zero Point Field. 

What you see above ground is duplicated below ground giving the whole structure the shape of a Diamond or Platohedron. The lowest point of the Pyramid is known as Amenti or the Underworld. 

These Pyramids also, link up to the Plateau on Mars creating Gates for hyperdimensional
travel through a series of Wormholes.

Stars - all correspond to living Entities- but also corresponded to actual places on Earth.   The Polestar has been mapped since ancient times. Earth contains various entrances to the center of the Earth. In other places, natural wormholes have been located that have served as portals or gates entering and exiting Earth.

The Polestar is thus in Antarctica. 

An opening was found there that lead to a jump gate with various uses especially instantaneous travel throughout the Planet through

The use of Sacred Geometry has profound effects when it comes to binding and controlling regions. There is a perfect relation in Color, Shape, Sound, and Number.

A hierarchy system exists amongst these Beings just like the one set up in our military, except much more animated. Many of these Beings are responsible for creating this so-called Illusion or Maya/Maia.

The play on words here is obvious. Illuminati, Illusion, Ill, Illegal, Pill, and Kill. 

The world’s largest pharmaceutical company is Lilly-Illy.

      Our current reality is run as a 64bit Hypercube designed by Hybrid Queen Hydras that reside in Hyperborea. 

This is the Matrix. 

And you say you can handle the truth?

In the ancient books, its states the division was about cutting us off from our other side which included our right brain, our other soul called the Ba and our contact with the other world where our closest parallel also known as our doppelganger or double exists. This world should be naturally reached through the dream state if there weren’t so many nets and webs that one’s astral body gets entangled in when they go to sleep, thus keeping them from traveling beyond the immediate globe of influence.

The Maya, more correctly known as Maia, which is one of the seven stars in the Pleiades, did much of the Leyline work for the Serpents. Their extensive knowledge of the time was given to them by the Serpent - Ra/ Thoth. This is mainly evident because it wasn’t even a time chart for Earth’s processions but Sirius.

The Maia long count calendar functioned as a clock of the Universal time of Earth’s evolutionary development based on the energies of Sirius/Sothis. The one who gave us time was the culprit known as the Watcher or “Watch” just like a timepiece this is another name for the Nephilim.

I will take this moment to elaborate on the damage of the split mind. 

First with the mind split there will always be some type of internal duality within the individual, a constant pulling from one side to the other depending on what time of the season it is. This Duality was remarked by the ancients as the two Horses pulling your chariot as can be seen on the #7 Tarot card. Unless you could get them to run together, they will go in separate directions eventually ripping you in two. This other side has a lot to do with being complete in our thinking; it is given the term masculine or feminine depending on your sex.

One main reason “other world” Beings can communicate with women better than men is because woman possesses a womb, this is known as a “Soul Matrix”. The fluid is highly magnetic and, there is actually brain tissue around the stomach region. the stomach area is the keeper of

The stomach area / lower Dantien is the keeper of Qi - this is where it is harnessed and stored. Women have a high generative cycle of this magnetic fluid in their Menstrual Blood or Plasma, which is also a high energy substance. 

    This was known by the Knights Templar as Sangrail, which they would drink in their rituals of the Holy Blood the Holy Grail/”Mag” Delena. Unfortunately, this also results in more women being used to harness the dark powers without questioning whether or not it’s correct, they just go with the “flow”.

A Lot of Propaganda is being directed at the young women so they can imagine Witchcraft is a coven of a woman sticking together. In all actuality it is to place one under the service and spells of the Horney Gods, this reflects in how women’s bodies are desecrated and disrespected by these cults. These are also called Corn Gods which is a term coined in Egypt were there entire economy depended on Corn at times. As you watch the “Orn” continue it is obviously wicked like we talked about with the “Or”.

Do make a mental note that SIR which is a title given to a member of the high court and SUR normally used as the root of words like Surgeon along with SER as in Serpent, SAR as in Sargon, and SOR as in Sorcerer all are head serpent terms meaning that this is the common acronym they refer to themselves by on this dimension. The Caduceus is the only hint at times they get that the whole medical institution is none other than a Lab belonging to the Hybrid Serpents set up for the various manipulations of the human body such as vaccines.

When we are taught how to write in school they call it learning to “Spell”. This word “Spell” cannot be confused with anything else besides a Magical Incantation which is what it means. To go further to show no coincidence is being made here they go on to teach you how to write in “Cursive” in which the root of the word is “Curse”.

The Illuminist Walt Disney introduced the young mind to a world of Magic and strange characters. Movies like Alice in Wonderland had entirely different meaning. It is clear Disney and his group of Dark Magicians are out to hurt children, introduce dark magic into the household, and bring about the continued plan of population mind control.   The original story of Pan’s Labyrinth in dark esoteric works was that of Pan molesting little girls placed in his labyrinth by sadistic worshippers. People are still acting like none of this is going on


There are certain words I call “power words” - instead of going backward we should be going forwards but what are the “Four Words”. Are there Four Words that give us foreknowledge “Four Knowledge”? The Tetragrammaton (YHVH), which is the Hebrew word that remains as the root of many esoteric Names such as JeHoVaH and YaHWeH, consists also of only Four Words.

As we continue to see there is something diabolical going on here with the 4 -  a 2 Dimensional square, 4-dimensional cube, and 8-dimensional Octagon 

 All words like Dionysus, Dios, Diana, Diamond, Die, Divide, Diabolical, and Diablo, are all intertwined and related to a story in antiquity.

Their magic is that of mastering the cube as the world is treated as the grand chess board. They also master knowing how to move about the square without getting caught in the web. 

The “D” itself in the English language is the symbol of a circle divided in two. If you open you breaker box right now and look at the manufacturer of the breaker you will see the company Square D, the logo is a D inside a square. They control everything related to power, as will be shown. The esoteric Masonic studies were focused on what they called squaring the circle. Since all organic life contains no straight edges and is always curved and circular this was the art of trapping organic life and holding them in various forms of stasis. Trapping natural organic matter like me and you in Inorganic Cubes like the cubicles we are sent to work in every day and the houses we are given to live in or sometimes foolishly build ourselves in the wrong designs. Putting ourselves into cubes and calling them home, this is another fine example of subtle programming. They are Masters of the 2D primitive world of Matter which is black and white no color thus the black in the white checkered pattern is one of their signs.

All of the Pyramids at one point in history were connected and they had functioning capstones on top. Not to mention many of the Pyramids were completely coated with a substance that was washed away during the last flood, this substance allowed these great structures to reflect the Sun’s energy giving them the ability to become like large solar panels generating various energies depending upon the tuning. In deeper writings, it states that the Gods would land their ships on the top of these structures and they would serve as charging stations. Those traveling the desert could navigate their way through the shining light of the Great Pyramid, which could be seen for thousands of miles.

The Great Pyramid itself in Egypt is said to have had 18 inches of special coating washed away from its surface.  You will also see how the Feline, which is the Sphinx, plays an important role. The sign of the Lioness is used in modern symbolism relating to the ruling Monarch. Female, Fertility, Feline, and Feminine all begin with “Fe” for a reason. As you see on the crest of England the ruling power personifies itself as a Lion, which can also be mapped in the cosmos by the constellation Leo.  the Egyptian Female Goddess Ma’at was the third eye of all Egyptian Gods also known as Wadjet. This means that the eye on top of the pyramid is actually the eye of Ma’at. They keep the Female Sphinx in front of all their main lodges for protection against various Spiritual forces the Elite are at war with.

Egyptians kept large amounts of cats in their temples. Cats carry lots of Prana and are very sensitive to other life forms. They are known to contain an Astral Spirit that can be trained.This is none other than one of “Ma’s Tricks” or simply the Matrix that we are caught up in now.

The Egyptian worshipped Matter as the primal cause. Our word for matter comes from the word Ma’at. The Atlantians perfected the ability to take matter, which is flesh formed and fashioned into a human body, and then take a soul and animate the body with the soul. The matter was their creation and the soul was, of course, the creation of the Most High. To do this they would have to pull souls from lower dimensions, other worlds, or wherever they could get souls. Finding souls was like mining for Gold. This whole art is called Necromancy thus one cannot simply die and think it is over they must somehow bypass reincarnation which was always considered a curse as if you had been netted like a fish and pulled back into the Planet/Planned Net.

Cloning makes it possible to make the body, Necromancy makes it possible to animate the body with a spirit, this is the other variation of the Philosopher’s Stone, in which the Alchemist used his body as the test subject. He would then add more elements/forces/ spirits to his own body to enhance his abilities. If the Alchemist did not have the correct formula of how to control the Matter while the process was taking, it would result in his own death or complete possession and that my good friend is the Alchemical Key.

You can trace the most recent use of this soul tampering to the Sumerian Annunaki, who are now professing they are the Creators of man and woman and created them to be slaves.

πŸ”·  Is Our Entire Reality Being Manipulated by Enki?

  Are we all Souls or are Some People Projections of the Matrix Program? 

~ Robert Stanley ~

-   This is NOT my Body. The Physical Body is something that is projected by the Simulation.
-   A portion of the "soul" is connected to the body - that is in the Simulation.
-   I am (as a Soul) NOT HERE! I am outside of the Simulation.
-   It is very much like a person playing a video game - controlling the avatar body in the game.
-    And I am NOT the ONLY ONE controlling this body. Also, my body is being influenced by ALL the other entities and programs that are in the Simulation Program/Game with me.

PS . . . It is my Belief that NONE of Zecharia Sitchin's work will lead you to the truth. The information & research he shares in his books  ARE ALL part of a Program Inserted into the ISP - like sub-programs running within the main frame of a computer. The Stories of Enki, Enlil, Marduk/ Ra, Thoth, Isis, Inna, bla bla bla - is nothing more than Programs playing out within the ISP. It's like organized religion - mean to keep you in the "Game".

- If you are interested to learn more about the ISP - Please follow the Link . .  . .

πŸ”·  Deprogramming Mental Spells & Codes

πŸ”·  Everything is Reversed in the Matrix. Language is Spell Casting for the Sheeple.

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